Battle: Los Angeles is a 2011 Science Fiction film starring Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, and a somewhat-capable supporting cast.  The film follows a platoon of US Marines as they battle an incoming alien invasion.

The acting in this title is mixed, with Eckhart doing a great job but some others being somewhat two-dimensional.  The lieutenant and military commanders are particularly plastic, and I found other performances to be somewhat flat.  Not helping the actors is a script full of old, tired cliches.  A better script in terms of dialog and variety would have made this movie as interesting as District 9.  As it stands, the movie’s dialog actively detracts from the final result.

I’m pleased to report that the news isn’t all bad.  Even being cliche-ridden with predictable situations, this movie’s action makes it worth at least a view.  I had a real sense of the kinetic fluidity and power of the alien armor and weapons, and the intensity of the firefights was impressive.  And Eckharts performance is believable and interesting.

This film is best viewed with the understanding that much of the dialog is fundamentally boring and completely predictable.  Just enjoy the action.

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