Ender’s Game

I’ve been out of the science fiction reading business for quite some time. There have always been distractions to keep me away from reading for pleasure that have included pursuing my masters degree, catching up on TV both solo and with family/friends, and a good deal of time spent MMOing (more on that in a later post). After I finished school a few months ago, I set an internal goal. That goal wasn’t ambitious, and was full achievable with a little bit of effort and prioritization. That goal was to begin reading for pleasure again.

I finished reading my first new book as part of the reading initiative earlier this week. Ender’s Game is an award winning novel written by Orson Scott Card. The basic plot details a future Earth facing a third invasion by an alien species and their turning to Earth’s children in order to find the best and brightest tactical minds to fight the oncoming menace. Such a simplistic explanation does not do this book justice, there are very good reasons why this book is required reading by several military institutions as it delves into societal ethics, leadership issues, and the harsh reality of competitive society. This book can be as shallow or as complex as the reader desires, and that simply adds to the audience that would find this book interesting.

Anybody that enjoys reading science fiction *needs* to read Ender’s Game, it represents one of the best reads the genre has to offer.

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