There has always been a contentious relationship between elements of the “core/traditional” online gaming community and females involved in various elements of the gaming industry. Bioware/Hepler addresses some of the fundamental issues that contribute to harassing behavior (false sense of entitlement, anonymity) against game designers, but the sad fact is that both the scale and diversity of harassment targets has grown.

Bustle’s take on #GamerGate is one of the most concise explanations of the entire saga. The article (and scandal itself) illustrates how “gamer privilege” has shifted from being primarily interested in determining game content and play style to the overall in-game and meta- gender roles.

Chris Tognotti (@ctognotti) summarizes this sad affair succinctly:

It isn’t about journalistic integrity, not really. This is just good old fashioned misogyinst bile, any way you slice it. And as somebody who used to play a whole lot of video games, and now play regularly, I wish I didn’t now feel so filthy by association.

Featured Image: TedX Talks

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