Some of the most challenging writing to be done is to try to describe myself without coming across as a gigantic, elitist douche.   I’m going to do my best 🙂


My name is Darrin Hawe, I’m married and have a 2+ year old son (cutest damn kid in the world I’ve been told).  I am a native Southern Californian partially by choice and partially because of situational logistics.  I’m a Senior Technical Project Leader at USC’s Information Sciences Institute, a Viterbi School of Engineering research laboratory located off campus in Marina del Rey.  I have my BA in Business Administration and my MS in Information Technology from California State University Fullerton.


I had a epiphany while in grad school.  I realized that all the time and effort that went into designing and maintaining such a site could be better handled by trained professionals and that the burden associated with that often prevented me from posting.  I have shifted from a stand alone publishing product on shared hosting to a hosted WordPress installation with the Chateau theme for publishing.

In the past, this site was devoted toward looking at what was coming down the pipe in terms of digital technology.  It also happened to be a playground where I could learn the ins-and-outs of shared hosting, blog maintenance, and CSS.   I’m now less interested in hypotheticals and more interested in actuals.