My name is Darrin Hawe, I’m a married gearhead at heart who is fortunate to have a wonderful wife and a very busy 5 year old son. I am a native Southern Californian having lived in Orange County, the San Fernando Valley, and the west side of Loa Angeles. Southern California is hard to leave despite the financial costs of living here and I remain partially by choice and partially because of situational logistics.


Other than some early high-school-era jobs, my entire career has been focused on the Information Technology sector. I’ve worked as a Manager of a small I.T. service department, consultant, operations/systems analyst, and tier-2 and -3 technician. I am currently employed as a Senior Technical Project Leader at the University of Southern California’s Information Science Institute, a Viterbi School of Engineering research facility located off-campus in Marina del Rey. My LinkedIn profile is available here and a C.V. is available upon request.


I received my Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration (Management Information Systems concentration) at California State University Fullerton (CSUF) in the early 90’s. I also recently completed my Masters of Science in Information Technology at CSUF.


After suffering renal failure due to 20+ years of insulin-dependent diabetes, I was fortunate to receive a kidney/pancreas transplant in late-2013 after being on the transplant list for only 14 months. Recent tests indicate that both the transplanted kidney and pancreas are performing at a high level, and I am still getting used to being “normal” again.


While I don’t have a lot of interests, I am passionate about the ones I have. I am a science-fiction fan, preferring movies and/or television to books due to the amount of reading I do for work. I’ve also been known to dabble with wood-working and digital photography. Lastly, I’m a bit of a music nut.

I also have a few computing interests. I’m improving my linux knowledge while exploring my interest in small scale computing via a Raspberry Pi. In addition, I’m looking to pick up a programming or scripting language in order to keep my brain working.