Weber Smokey Mountain, 22.5″

Several weeks ago, I was the lucky recipient of my very own Weber Smokey Mountain 22.5″ charcoal smoker. I had been looking at one for many weeks to complement the hand-me-down Weber Kettle grill my wife and I received last year.

There is no question about it, the smoker is bigger than I was imagining. Thankfully, the smoker breaks down into three manageable parts (charcoal pit, smoke ring, lid) so assembly and breakdown are manageable. And as can be expected from a Weber product, the smoker has a substantial feel.

I’m looking forward to perfecting my technique to the point that I don’t have to so closely monitor the temperature of the smoker. The temperature of the smoker can be regulated via 3 bottom vents and a lid vent. Other WSM owners have verified that sweet spots and settings for maintaining temperature are dependent on charcoal type used, outside environment, build of the specific smoker, type of starting method used for charcoal, etc… Part of the fun of a project like this is adjusting variables to determine eventual outcomes. Luckily, I have a very supportive wife so I don’t feel as much pressure to put out a perfect meal every time.

I’ve cooked on it twice, once doing baby back ribs, and once doing marinated chicken. I am looking forward to running this smoker through its paces as the years pass.