Tag Heuer

1990 was a very rough year for me in terms of health, career, and academics. Instead of dealing with events head on, I distracted myself through a campaign of unneeded purchases that fueled or at least helped enable my denial. Those financial indiscretions would follow me for years, requiring the assistance of an understanding wife to finally shed 15 or so years later.

One of the purchases I made during the 1990 spending spree was a Tag Heuer divers watch (pictured). I was almost afraid to see if the watch needed to be overhauled as I had not worn it in several years. I was also cognizant of the fact that it was all the rage to etch ones SSN onto precious jewelry in order to identify it in case of theft. Not currently such a bright idea given the threat of identity theft.

With a sense of dread, I hauled my watch into the place where I purchased it those many years ago knowing that I will set it aside for a while if it required expensive repairs. After discussing the situation with the salesperson, he agreed to take a look at it to see if there were any signs of corrosion or other wear requiring a thorough service. I was happy that a battery was all that was necessary, and it was free as a benefit of me being a loyal customer. He also recommended a jeweler that he trusted to remove the SSN. After getting the watch back today, it looks great.

While many of my indiscreet purchases didn’t stand the test of time, my Tag Heuer divers watch did. It serves as a reminder of where I’ve been and how far I have come.